Gunslinger Head Over Heels @ Lone Hawk  ‘Hedy’

My sweet, funny, sensitive Hedy has left a huge hole in my heart. She fought a hard, difficult battle trying to recover from a series of illnesses that ultimately overcame her last Friday. She is now running and playing in Dog Heaven with no pain and eating everything she wants, when she wants!! I have cried more over this crazy little bulldog girl than I could have believed possible. Those who say they are just dogs don’t understand the unconditional love given by bulldogs. Hedy gave me silliness, love and laughter. We enjoyed many, many fun and not so scary things together outside the show ring. Walks at the park, swims at the lake and just being BFFs. Rest in Peace my pretty little white head girl. I loved you from the moment I held you at only a few minutes old. My life is forever changed even after the short time you were here and held my heart. I would wish everyone reading this to hug the animals you love close to your heart and tell them you love them one more time.

Sire:  MBISS GCH Patton’s Attila the Hun of Pannonia – JDs Pedigree
Dam:  Gunslinger Rebel Rousin’ Ruby Ruby’s Pedigree
Breeders:  Andrew & Susan Rohringer – Jay and Christine Serion
Owners:  Sherry Webb – Andrew & Susan Rohringer
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8 weeks
8 weeks