The Bulldog Club of America‘s “Bulldog Standard” insists they should demonstrate vigor and strength.  You can help Bulldogs by assisting us in spreading the word that Bulldogs are not inherently unhealthy. 


The Bulldog Club of America (BCA) has an active Health Committee as well as the BCACF, our charitable foundation that raises funds towards Bulldog related health research. We are also aware that nearly all of them are preventable through sound and informed breeding practices. The BCA is committed to the health of the breed but we realize we cannot reach every breeder. Only those who are members of the BCA.
Public education is the key to making all dog owners aware of the availability and affordability of health testing and thereby increase the effectiveness of our Health Committee’s dedication in improving the life of all bulldogs in and out of the reach of the BCA.
Below are links to information about the various tests that are available and appropriate for the Bulldog breed.

Why Should I Health Screen My Bulldog?  (PDF) The BCA Health Committee has provided members with a guide that includes a health matrix that shows exactly what tests and where to have them completed.  Completing these tests can help guide your bulldog breeding program  to healthier puppies and happier owners.

Ambassador for Health Program  BCA program that awards owners for each level of testing they have completed.

ORTHOPEDIC FOUNDATION FOR ANIMALS (OFA) provides an invaluable service in keeping data on all health tests submitted.



Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) gives the minimum tests that every bulldog should have done prior to breeding.